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Sending offering money from each individual's bank account to the KCPCH Chase checking account can be easily achieved using an email transfer method. It uses a service called Zelle which most banks have. You will need to register for the Zelle service. Chase calls this feature Quickpay and uses a similar method. Below is an example of steps you will need to go through to send offering money from a Bank of America Bank account to our KCPCH Chase account. (You must use when registering a recipient.)
1. Log in to your bank account
2. Under Transfer / Zelle, select Using Zelle / Send Money
3. Select the sending account
4. Register as a recipient. When registering a recipient, the type of recipient should be Business.
5. Enter the amount and continue to transfer the fund.
• The English name registered in the sender's account will appear when it is received in the KCPCH Chase bank account. We can usually identify who the sender is, and KCPCH Finance Department will make every effort to match the donor to the name of our church member. If you would like to confirm the remittance, please feel free to send a Kakao message to Elder Soon-taek Lee (713-377-3327) or Elder Jay Nahm (713-392-6583).
• Donations sent online will be re-entered into our church's financial program so that they will be reflected in each individual's year-end donation statement.

  • Please email  with your name, amount, and date so that we can record this on our system. Thank you

Free Online Resources for children and Tree Group:

  1. Go here:
  2. Reg. to "Access limited Library"
  3. Bible story movie for kids: on search type: "Superbook"
  4. Full episode of Superbook:
  5. Tree group/personal: Great resources for tree group and personal. "Fear and Faith" is a great study.
  6. Go to our website and click "Tree Group online" for Discussion Question

Let us all grow together in the truth!

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