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We meet together to passionately grow as a family of God in the Word and to make disciples. (Matt 28:18-20)

              4 Values                                                             Join A Tree Group

  1. Intimate relationship                                      Palm Tree (
  2.  Word of God                                                    Oak Tree (
  3.  Spiritual Prayer                                              Eagle Tree (
  4.  Discipleship


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  2.   Search "Superbook Season 1  watch #7 Roar

Discussion Question: "Superbook Season 1  video #7 Roar (Daniel chapter 6)

  1. Why do you think Daniel risked his life to disobey the decree? Read Exodus 20:1-6.
  2. Why didn’t Daniel try to hide the fact that he was praying?
  3. Why is praying important?
  4. Daniel did not protest the decree he simply continued to do what he had always done, he continued praying in his room 3 times a day. How can we follow his example when we encounter rules that make it challenging to be faithful to how God has called us to live?
  5. What do we learn about Daniel's character from the results of the investigation by his enemies (vv. 1-5)?
  6. How can we live so that people will want to rescue us if we find ourselves in a situation like Daniel’s?
  7. What are some similarities between Daniel and Jesus? See Daniel 6:1-14 and Matthew 27:11-24.
  1. How can we live like Daniel in this fearful unknown time?


Extra Superbook Bible Study Question: